Gotta Step It Up!!!!

Oh my goodness…..

I can’t believe it has been 10 days since posting, I’m so sorry!!!!!

I have still been working out, though my eating is a little off the trail. Gotta fix that.

Since last weigh-in I have gone up some but not much. I think mostly because I haven’t been drinking nearly as much water, though my food choices need to be better too.

My portions have been so much better than they were so that’s good news.

Today I worked out with my friend and fitness accountability partner, Jason. We had a good workout, lots of high impact movement and did some ropes and stairs, always fun.

I’m gonna work harder to post more here, but I’d love some feedback on what you guys would like to see. Recipes, workouts, graphics etc? Let me know!



Cheat Meals


Today’s Workout


20 minutes on Bike Doing the Sprint 8 Training Program

Strength Training:

Cable Crossover:

Set 1: 30 lbs -20 Reps

Set 2: 40 lbs -15 Reps


Pec Fly:

Set 1: 85 lbs -15 Reps

Set 2: 85 lbs -13 Reps

Set 3: 85 lbs -12 Reps


Sit Down Row:

Set 1: 75 lbs -20 Reps

Set 2: 75 lbs -20 Reps

Set 3: 105 lbs -8 Reps


Seated Back Extension:

Set 1: 135 lbs -18 Reps

Set 2: 135 lbs -20 Reps


Seated Shoulder Press (Dumbbells):

Set 1: 25 lbs -18 Reps

Set 2: 25 lbs – 12 Reps


Concentration Curl with a Twist;

Set 1: 15 lbs -15 Reps

Set 2: 15 lbs -12 Reps


V-Bar Pushdown:

Set 1: 90 lbs -18 Reps

Set 2: 90 lbs -15 Reps


Seated Leg Extension:

Set 1: 65 lbs -20 Reps

Set 2: 80 lbs -15 Reps


Seated Leg Press:

Set 1: 175 lbs -20 reps

Set 2: 175 lbs -20 Reps


Abdominal Circuit:

90 Degree Crunch: 20 Reps

Reverse Crunch: 20 Reps

Seated Bar Twist: 20 Reps

90 Degree Reverse Crunch: 20 Reps

Ball Side Oblique Crunch: 15 Reps

Ball Crunch: 15 Reps


Community Support


Our Saturday Morning Group Workout

Resistance Band Side Walks x2
Resistance Band Monster Walks x2

First Circuit x3
Wall Balls 15 reps
Balls Slams 15 Reps

Second Circuit x3
Side Wall Ball Throws 10 reps a side
Push-ups or Planks 30 seconds

Third Circuit 45 seconds each station
Kettle Bell Swings

Fourth Circuit 45 seconds each station
Jumping Jacks
Sled Push

My Whys…….


I want to be fit. I want to be healthy. I want to not feel sluggish. I want to be able to do physical activities without getting tired immediately.

All of these are common thoughts to those of us who have struggled with weight loss. I know that I constantly am thinking them still and I’ve already lost a decent amount.

So how do we change these from being thoughts to being actions that will get us to that goal line?

For me, it was discovering my “Whys.”

Losing weight and getting healthy is not an easy journey. It has lots of pitfalls and speed-bumps. There are days you’ll just want to give up and quit because it’s easier (in the short term) to just eat what you want and not go to the gym.

It’s these days that it is imperative that you know your “whys.”

For me, I had probably 3 big “Whys”

  1. My body is a Temple unto the Lord and so I must treat it with respect and take care of the vessel my Lord has entrusted to me while I am here on earth.
  2. I am a father to a currently 11 month old boy, and he is the most amazing little guy you can imagine. I definitely need to be here for him and my weight and health is a poor excuse to check out early and not be there for my son.
  3. My wife is my best friend on this earth. She deserves for me to be the absolute best that I can be, and that includes my health.

So while I did Rob’s Big Losers, I had setbacks and stumbles, but every time I got back on the horse because I though of one of the reason that I need to keep going. In the end, I lost 42 lbs and even ran a 5K, which would have been unthinkable 12 weeks ago.

If there is anything else I can say to motivate you to just start, it’s do something TODAY. Tomorrow is never going to be here, because when tomorrow becomes today it is all to easy to push tomorrow just one more day away and before you know it years pass.

So what are your “whys?”