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Gotta Step It Up!!!!

Oh my goodness….. I can’t believe it has been 10 days since posting, I’m so sorry!!!!! I have still been working out, though my eating is a little off the trail. Gotta fix that. Since last weigh-in I have gone up some but not much. I think mostly because I haven’t been drinking nearly as … Continue reading Gotta Step It Up!!!!

Cheat Meals

  Today’s Workout Cardio: 20 minutes on Bike Doing the Sprint 8 Training Program Strength Training: Cable Crossover: Set 1: 30 lbs -20 Reps Set 2: 40 lbs -15 Reps   Pec Fly: Set 1: 85 lbs -15 Reps Set 2: 85 lbs -13 Reps Set 3: 85 lbs -12 Reps   Sit Down Row: … Continue reading Cheat Meals

Community Support

  Our Saturday Morning Group Workout Resistance Band Side Walks x2 Resistance Band Monster Walks x2 First Circuit x3 Wall Balls 15 reps Balls Slams 15 Reps Second Circuit x3 Side Wall Ball Throws 10 reps a side Push-ups or Planks 30 seconds Third Circuit 45 seconds each station Stairs Ropes Kettle Bell Swings Fourth … Continue reading Community Support

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